Split Granite

These pavers have the appearance of granite that has been mechanically split and offer a low glare finish. Split Granite pavers are available in 500x500mm with either a standard top or an insert top that allows you to create a distinctive feature to the paving. Inserts are available in Cobblestone or Split Granite to provide a contrast colour. 550x550 and 600x600 available at selected branches.


Distinctive pavers that look like leather, with a low skid surface. The pinstripe edging gives the pavers a tile-like look when they are grouted. Leatherstone pavers are produced at 450x450mm.


Square pavers with a finish similar to that of cut limestone, with bandsaw cut marks across the surface. This provides a soft sawn limestone effect with the durability of concrete. Sawnstone pavers are available in 550x550mm and 360x360mm. These sizes can be laid individually or put together to create a panelled effect.


Artificial slate in concrete! The original moulds for these pavers were cast from pieces of natural slate to provide pattern variations and a realistic finish. Slate pavers are 350x175mm and can be used on their own or as a border. Great for driveways!

Fossil Stone

Pavers that display elements of the fossilised remains of prehistoric creatures - just as you would find them in natural stone. Fossilstone pavers at 400x400mm provide an excellent option for the more compact applications.


The classic paving style! Yorkstone pavers are produced at 500x500mm to provide visually appealing and cost effective coverage.

Bullnose Pavers

We offer bullnose pavers with one edge rounded profile in Split Granite, Leatherstone and Sawnstone. These are ideal for patio edges and poolsides.

Garden Edging

Garden edging is available at 400x100mm. Ideal for defining the flower beds and other edges